Gerald Wu

About Me

IT Operations

I'm a Linux systems administrator, focused on cloud-native deployments and infrastructure as code (IaC).

All of my services are hosted on an on-premise Kubernetes cluster, deployed entirely via Terraform. Storage is backed by a Ceph cluster with dynamic storage provisioning via CSI. All services are deployed via GitOps with Flux. The configuration files for Flux and Terraform can be found at this repo.

This is hosted on-premise on segregated VLANs with limited inter-VLAN routing rules, behind a self-built firewall/router running OPNsense software.

I am a
* Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (LF-24hswd9rmm)
* Certified Kubernetes Administrator (LF-inn96e0qrb)
* Red Hat Certified System Administrator (180-132-714)

Software Engineering

I'm primarily a developer focused in Object-Oriented Programming and Backend Systems Development. Both my professional career and schooling have been focused in software development.

In terms of professional experience, I have worked on very large scale backend systems, both at Google and Amazon.

I am most familiar with the Java, C, Python, and GoLang languages. I also have some limited experience in C++, C#, JavaScript, and Scala.

If you want to see some of my more notable projects, please visit the projects section. Or, visit my self-hosted GitLab or my GitHub to view all of them.


Homelab IaC — a fully HA k8s deployment using Terraform and Flux
Infrastructure as Code

Starting from minimal working Proxmox and Ceph clusters, this project uses pure Terraform to bootstrap and install a full high availability (HA) deployment of Kubernetes using the k3s distro from Rancher.

Following k3s bootstrapping, the project uses Flux gitops to deploy all the Kubernetes workloads in the cluster, including automatic secrets encryption/decryption with Mozilla SOPS.

Both and (and all related services) are hosted on this Kubernetes cluster. — An easy, user-friendly med school tracker with Google Docs integration
Golang, Next.js, IaC

A webservice to give medical school applicants an easy way to track all their application progress, with a user-friendly dashboard and automatic Google Docs integration. When a user adds a medical school to their profile, a Google Doc is automatically created in their linked Google account associated with the medical school to allow for an easy overview of all applications and their associated statements.

This project uses Golang on the backend, and Next.js on the frontend. For infrastructure, deployment is fully automated with Terraform to deploy a k3s cluster, Flux to deploy and monitor workloads, and GitLab CI/CD to automatically test, build, and push Docker images.

Omgur — A FOSS private front-end for Imgur

Omgur is a free and open-source private front-end proxy for Imgur, inspired by Invidious, Nitter, and Teddit. Omgur runs with no JavaScript, ads, or tracking. All requests are proxied through the Omgur backend to prevent Imgur from tracking IP or JavaScript fingerprint. Easily self-hostable through the Docker image provided by Gitlab CI/CD.

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